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Battery Fitting and Free Battery Checks

Most modern car batteries are maintenance free. This means that there are no checks you can undertake yourself, except to make sure that the terminals are connected correctly and are not corroded.

You'll normally find your battery under the bonnet of your car. However, on some luxury models the battery may be under the rear seat or in the boot. Other models have two batteries. Your car's handbook will tell you where the battery is located and will identify any checks that you can carry out yourself.

When handling a car battery, make sure you use the appropriate tools. Batteries contain sulphuric acid which is highly corrosive and will injure you if it comes into contact with your eyes or skin.

Your car battery will have two terminals. One terminal is positive, marked with a plus sign (+), while the other is negative, marked with a minus sign (-). If you are tightening the terminal collections, be careful. Mixing up the terminals can cause an electric shock and damage the battery.

If you don't want to handle your battery yourself, call Xpress Fit. We're the battery experts and can check your battery and fit a new one if required. Booking your suspension check is easy simply use the online form.

Free Battery Check

Here at Xpress Fit we believe in preventing problems before they happen. That's why we carry out a full visual healthcheck every time you visit. This is a checklist that helps us make sure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. It also helps us make sure everything else is running just as it should be.

Although it takes around 30 minutes to do, this is completely free of charge. It's just one more reason why thousands of motorists turn to Xpress Fit every year. Join them by calling by booking your car in today, simply fill in the online form.

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