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Without a healthy exhaust system your vehicle may not be safe and it may not pass its MOT test. We stock a wide range of exhausts and so whether you need exhaust repairs or replacement, we can help you.

Your exhaust system channels away the fumes generated by your engine. If it isn't working properly, dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide can be drawn into the cabin of your vehicle, leading to drowsiness and danger. It can also damage your fuel efficiency and lead to a noisy, rough engine.

If your exhaust system isn't working properly, or if you are concerned about your emission levels or the noise coming from your exhaust, bring your car to Xpress Fit for an exhaust check today. Book a check by using the online form.

Exhaust Functions

Your exhaust does four main things:

  • Improves your engine performance
  • Controls noise
  • Improves your fuel consumption
  • Direct dangerous fumes away from the driver and passengers

Lambda Sensor

Is your car using more fuel than it normally does? Or, is it not running as smoothly? If so, you may have a problem with your exhaust.

The lambda sensor on your vehicle measures and sends oxygen content information to your vehicle's engine management system. This then makes constant adjustments to the air and fuel mix being used by your engine, ensuring harmful gases are burnt in your vehicle's catalytic convertor.

If this sensor is faulty, the wrong amount of fuel may be sent to the chamber. It's as if you are driving with the choke out, which may result in you using more fuel than is necessary.

Here at Xpress Fit, we can check if your lambda sensor and the rest of your exhaust are working correctly. If not, we can repair or replace it for you, ensuring your car runs smoothly and efficiently.

To book your exhaust check, book online using the online form.

Catalytic Converter

Your vehicle's catalytic convertor works by converting gases from your engine into water vapour and less harmful gases. It means that the harmful emissions of gases such as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are reduced. All petrol car exhausts manufactured from 1993 onwards include a catalytic convertor.

While catalytic convertors have an excellent life span, they do need to be checked from time to time as they can suffer from external and internal damage.

As well as your catalytic convertor, your car's lambda sensor also helps to reduce harmful emissions. In conjunction with your engine management system this monitors the amount of oxygen in your exhaust gases and regulates the mixture of air and fuel in your engine. It makes sure that your car's combustion is as efficient as it can be.

Your vehicle's lambda sensor, engine management system and catalytic convertor works together to minimise the output of harmful gases. So, if your emissions are too high - perhaps you have discovered this through an MOT test - we can help diagnose and fix the problem.

We're exhaust specialists, so for professional advice call Xpress Fit or Book Online.

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