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Free Vehicle Health Check

What is VHC?

Here at Xpress Fit we believe in preventing problems before they happen. That's why we carry out a full visual healthcheck every time you visit. This is a checklist that helps us make sure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. It also helps us make sure everything else is running just as it should be.

We'll look at areas such as your tyres, wheels, exhaust system, steering, suspension, brakes, oil levels, wipers and water levels. We'll rate these on a 'red, amber and green' scale, identifying any problem areas and making recommendations where appropriate.

Although it takes around 30 minutes to do, this is completely free of charge. It's just one more reason why thousands of motorists turn to Xpress Fit every year. Join them by booking your FREE VHC using our online form.

Manufacturer Service

A manufacturer service is ideal for you if:
  • You want to follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule
  • You want to maintain your car's warranty
  • You want a service that is specific to your car's age, make, model and mileage

When we undertake a manufacturer service we'll give you the choice of original equipment parts or aftermarket parts of equivalent quality.

Timing Belts

Your timing belt is driven by the crankshaft and helps keep your engine's components in sync by causing valves to open and close at the correct time.

As they are made from rubber, timing belts naturally wear out over time. While they should be replaced every 60,000 to 90,000 miles, sometimes they get broken. In this situation, repairs will be determined by the type of engine that you have:

MOT Re-Test

Once repairs to your vehicle have been carried out, we can then re-test it.

  • Non-interference engine - If the timing belt breaks, the valves and pistons don't come into contact with one another. The belt can be replaced
  • Interference engine - If the timing belt breaks, the pistons will hit the valves, causing major engine damage. This means that your cylinder head will need to be removed and the valves replaced. In some cases, the piston may be damaged and your engine may need replacing

Putting off changing your timing belt could result in damage to your engine and significant expense. So, it's vital you ensure it is replaced on a regular basis. We are experts, so call us now on 0845 344 7883 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, book your vehicle in with us online using the booking form.

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